Overview Tulip Leaf Gurgaon

Announcing the Grand Arrival of Junoesque ‘Tulip Leaf’ – The Mega Group Housing Residential Project having single premium twenty storied tower, comprising of eighty Luxurious 3BHK Apartments, well equipped with all modern Amenities like Commercial blocks, Swimming Pool and Club & Community area on the Ground floor, coupled with Exquisite Landscaping.

Flocci-nauci-ni-hilipilification – Yes, You read it right, Due to the towering sky-scraping presence of Tulip Leaf, the surrounding paraphernalia shall appear in the same state, such shall be the impact of Colossal Height of Statuesque ‘Tulip Leaf’ which shall be the cynosure of all eyes.

Sustainability for Posterity , Serenity, Robustness , Tranquility shall be some of the exquisite qualities possessed by ‘Tulip Leaf’ to provide an outstanding Pollution free Aura and Ambience and Impeccable Landscaping with Splendid Swimming Pool. Glittering in the night and Radiant in the morning, ‘Tulip Leaf’ shall be ‘The Class Apart’.

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